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Cortec Corporation - The World leader in innovative corrosion protection solutions

Corrosion is a constant indiscriminate and costly enemy of metal parts, whether the parts are packaged for storage and distribution, or whether they are under manufacture inside the plant.
Traditional anti-corrosion methods are messy, costly and can be hazardous to personnel and the environment.
Customised corrosion solutions from Cortec, using the revolutionary VpCI (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibition) Technology, provide exceptional product protection, clean, rust-free and ready to use parts and equipments, resulting in increased savings, profitability and growth.
Additional Cortec VpCI Benefits
Video - How VpCI works

Multifunctional products
Cost Effective – reduces operations and saves costly time
and labour
Eliminates requirements of other rust preventive oils and
Eliminates disposal costs
Multimetal Protection from tiny electronic devices and large
Convenient and user-friendly to applicator and end user
Safe for Personnel and Environment
Gives short term and long term protection
Industry proven track record
Total corrosion control from raw materials to final user in a
variety of industries

New Products
New ProductsVpCI Millcorr Shrink Film
Composite film, containing the ultimate additives package; Cortec’s multimetal VpCIs, and UV inhibitors to provide a top-notch universal protection system
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Resources/VideosVisit the resources section to view videos that demonstrate our products and technologies.
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